• Interior, seating, TV and beer stickers on walls
  • Interior, seating by a wall with neon light logo
  • Clock Tower logo sign on a wall

Clock Tower
Taproom & Billiards

Our story

Community is the heart of Simpsonville and it defines who we are at the Clock Tower. You’ll see we’re more than a taproom, we’re a community built to host happiness in a fun rustic vibe. Clock Tower Taproom was created to keep an existing community together and honor downtown Simpsonville.

As our name dictates, we are honoring the heritage and memory of the iconic landmark in Simpsonville. The Clock Tower was built in 1986 by the current Mayor, Dennis Waldrop. A group of downtown business leaders and property owners commissioned it in order to improve the downtown and stimulate business. It was funded by Ralph Hendricks' donation. The tower was engineered with a rigid steel inner structure to withstand 200 mile per hour winds. It has become an iconic part of Simpsonville and we are honored to have it apart of our brand.